Chitin - Chitosan

Biodegradable, biocompatible, with antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal activity.

MealFood Europe has developed a production system to obtain a high quality chitin. Our main advantage is that the raw material is always controlled. The traditional systems are in the opposite side: their composition is a mix of waste from fish, crustaceans and cephalopods processing.

The applications of chitin and chitosan are very broad:

  • Water treatment: flocculants and coagulants products.
  • Food industry: additives or raw material for the elaboration of protective antimicrobial agents films and/or filters materials.
  • Medicine: component of dressings, bandages, compound for the control of high blood cholesterol.
  • Biotechnology: in a large number of applications such as cellular coatings, enzymes immobilising agents, etc.
  • Agriculture: coating of seeds, fertilizer, growth stimulating…
  • Cosmetics: main compound for different products. Chitin has not any allergic substances.
  • Paper industry: increase of performance pulp, the resistance and the fixation of inks.
  • Other industries: used as a filter or support.