MealFrass participates in the 33rd Young Researchers Conference

MealFrass was successful thanks to the ability to encourage the plants defence

The 33rd edition of the Young Researchers Conference was celebrated in Salamanca last December. Every year, a hundred researchers explain their work. In this case, Jorge Póveda, the specialist of MealFood Europe in vegetative growth, explicated how MealFrass works to protect the plant.

MealFrass prevents pests in the plant because of a phenomenon known as Induced Systemic Resistance or ISR. The plant identifies an external agent and it activates its mechanisms of self-protection against insects, pathogenic bacteria and diseases.

The main advantage is the resistance to fungi, microorganisms and viruses.  In addition, MealFrass helps plant to develop different kind of substances that act as repellents or toxic to pests.

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