MealFrass - Organic Fertilizer

Probably the best organic fertilizer in the world

MealFrass is a purely organic fertiliser, without industrial transformation processes based exclusively on our Tenebrio Molitor by-product.

Because of our production systems, MealFrass promotes higher contribution of nutrients than  other conventional products (humus, chicken manure, guano, etc) and also guarantees the protection of plants against pests.

The basic characteristics of MealFrass are:

  • Suitable for organic production.
  • Dry and odorless.
  • NPK 4-4-3
  • PH 6.12, perfect for the rapid absorption of nutrients and the right growth of the plant.
  • Absence of heavy metals like lead or mercury.
  • 77% Organic matter
  • Natural product against pest and pathogenic bacteria.

In addition, this organic fertiliser provides the amount of nutrients and other micro-organisms needed for the growth of your plants.

MealFrass is a product suitable for organic production according to Regulation (EC) No. 883/2007. 


MealFrass increases considerably the performance of your plants. The farmer is going to get abundant harvests in a healthy way and without risks for the consumer.

MealFrass application ensures the response of the plant to fight against pests and pathogenic bacteria. Furthermore, MealFrass provides microorganisms which increase:

  • The development of the nitrogen fixing bacteria (a growth promoter).
  • The increase of beneficial fungi to the plant, such as Trichoderma.
  • The absorption and availability of nutrients present in the soil.
  • The prevention against Mould or pathogens such as Botrytis and Alternaria.


MealFrass prevents pests in the plant because of a phenomenon known as Induced Systemic Resistance or ISR. The plant identifies an external agent and it activates its mechanisms of self-protection against insects, pathogenic bacteria and diseases.

The main advantage is the resistance to fungi, microorganisms and viruses.  In addition, MealFrass helps plant to develop different kind of substances that act as repellents or toxic to pests. Some examples are the pyrethrins in the chrysanthemum or THC in the cannabis.

Using organic fertilizers is the best way to take care of farming. On the one hand, organic fertilizers are going to use all the available nutrients. On the other hand, this kind of fertilizer avoids soil and climate conditions alterations. MealFrass is the best option in the organic farming.