MealFood becomes the first biotechnology company specialized in insects to join AseBio

MealFood Europe, the leading company in the national sector for the industrial production of insects, and one of the major players in the industry in Europe, has become the first biotechnology company to become part of the Spanish Association of Bio-companies (AseBio).

“We are delighted to join Asebio as full partners. AseBio has a high representation of companies in the agri-food biotechnology sector, which is where we encompass our activity. We will take any opportunity to collaborate with its more than 270 partners and learn from their experiences”, said Adriana Casillas, CEO of MealFood Europe.

The large-scale production and the development of its technology in the field of breeding and industrial transformation of Tenebrio Molitor, through its advanced R & D & I processes, allow MealFood Europe to offer a unique product in its different categories of business and thoroughly adapted to the needs of its customers.

AseBio groups together and represents the interests of companies, associations, foundations, universities, and technological and research centers that carry out activities in the field of biotechnology in Spain.

It collaborates closely with regional, national and European administrations, as well as with all those social organizations committed to science and the use of biotechnology to improve people’s quality of life, the sustainability of the planet, economic development, and the generation of employment with high added value.

20 years of positive changes

For 20 years, it has been working to achieve positive changes in politics and the economy that favor and promote the development of the Spanish biotechnology sector. It is committed to the use of biotechnology to improve the quality of life of citizens, environmental sustainability, economic development, and the generation of qualified employment.

Its objective is to transform the culture of the country by valuing research, development, and innovation at the service of society and the competitiveness of the Spanish economy.

AseBio is a community committed to science and innovation as an engine of sustainable economic development and social well-being. It has created an inclusive ecosystem, open to all, intending to find innovative solutions for the social and generational challenges that lie ahead.

MealFood works in four main product categories. MealProtein, protein from Tenebrio Molitor for use in animal feed market -especially pet food and aquaculture. MealOil, the fat extracted from the same insect. The high-value organic and ecological fertilizer MealFrass, with biostimulant, biofortifying, and rooting properties. And MealTosan, chitosan obtained from the shell of insects for the manufacture of materials with various physical and chemical properties.

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