MealFood Europe obtained in January the first market approval for an insect-based fertilizer

“This is not a race, but we still took first place”, says CEO Adriana Casillas


MealFood Europe was the first European company in the world that obtained the market approval for its insect-based fertilizer, MealFrass, despite recent headlines that have suggested otherwise.

“It was a massive achievement for us, and we need to establish this without any doubt. Our product, the MealFrass organic fertilizer, was authorized in January, the 20th, of 2020, by the Directorate-General for Agricultural Production and Markets of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food”, says Adriana Casillas, CEO of MealFood Europe. “This is not a race, but we still took first place.”

The attached document, signed by María Esperanza de Orellana Moraleda, the general director, states that MealFrass was the very first product that got this kind of support by any national authority in the EU and all around the globe.

MealFrass is a fertilizer that comes from the digestion of the vegetable materials that make up the food base of the Tenebrio Molitor. The insects feed on the vegetation and transform it into the ideal food for plants. This byproduct (frass) contains natural chitin; therefore, in addition to nourishing the plants, it confers a natural resistance against the attack of pests and diseases caused by fungi. More than 70% of the product is organic matter, which favors the properties of the soil and the absorption of nutrients.

MealFood Europe is one of the big stakeholders in the production of insects as a sustainable protein for animal feed and other uses, just like fertilizers. It has recently closed a Series A1 funding round co-led by Caixa Capital Risc and Spanish Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) to develop a €50M insect breeding project.

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