Human Food

Insect protein for Feed formulation

According to the latest studies by the UN, the total number of people in the world for the year 2050 will be around 10,000 millions. As the traditional livestock is being squeezed to the maximum and the arable land is in decline and insufficient, we are approaching to an unprecedented problem of global food market.

Insects are characterized by very high protein content and by offering great nutritional benefits. The continued commitment to technology and innovation allows us to have highest quality and very nice tasted products.

Our products are always supported by sustainable and respectful processes with the Environment. In this way, MealFood Europe has already become a part of the solution for the global food problem.

In the legislative field, MealFood Europe is a reference in the EU and we participate actively in the development of the normative to regulate the insects as Novel Food. The current EU legislation on “Novel Foods” is in the Regulation (EC) No. 1852/2001 that will take effect as from 1 January 2018.

We offer this kind of products: insect powder, dehydrated and/or frozen.