Insect protein for Feed formulation

MealFood Europe works with the objetive of founding new sustainable alternatives for the fish, poultry keeping and pigs, drawing on FAO’s recommendations on the introduction of insects in animal feed.

Our main product is the Tenebrio Molitor powder, rich in protein and a high content of oleic acid. At the same time, planning for large-scale production and the development of the technique in the field of insect breeding allows us to offer this product at a very competitive price.

The benefits that we provide our clients with this product are:

  • Activation of natural instincts, stimulating the appetite and promoting an improvement in the appearance of the animals.
  • Improvement the meat animals breeding with our product.
  • Contribution of high levels and easily digestible protein for these species.
  • Reduction of the water contamination levels, as a result of the almost total digestibility of our product, as also the reduction of the ash content in the food against the current conventional feedingstuffs.
  • Improvement in growth and the maintenance of the nervous system. Our product is a good source of oligo-elements, being especially rich in vitamins A and B.
  • Decreased the incidence of disease and mortality rates related to intensive farming.

MealFood Europe provides a product which is traceable and sanitary controlled, healthy, feed with natural products, safe and free from GMO. Also, it is as a natural food supplement of animal origin that improves the productivity levels of our customers.

Our products are presented as insect powder and/or dehydrated.